India Street Photography

Three years ago I got to India hoping to discover a country that does not leave anyone indifferent. I decided to wander around with the idea of immortalising those moments and situations that draw my attention and, in a way, show what India meant to me. I wandered for five months through the North, the South and the centre of this country-continent. There are lots of things still to be seen, lived and learnt, thus this is an open project of which I can only display little touches imprinted in my negatives.
It has probably been one of the most complicated photographic works of my career due to the large quantity of material that I accumulated. I have the feeling that I left many things un-photographed.
It is pure and though street photography.
All the pictures were taken with a Leica M6, a fixed optic of 35mm (pre asf.) and Kodak film TriX 400.

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a belen 2507-S1-0041
a belen 2507-S1-0013
a belen 2507-S1-0007
a belen 2507-S1-0015
a belen 2507-S1-0032
a belen 2507-S1-0002
a belen 2507-S1-0063
a belen 2507-S1-0034
a belen 2507-S1-0017
a belen 2507-S1-0065
a belen 2507-S1-0008
a belen 2507-S1-0059
a belen 2507-S1-0006
a belen 2507-S1-0061
a belen 2507-S1-0029
a belen 2507-S1-0054
a belen 2507-S1-0004
a belen 2507-S1-0038
a belen 2507-S1-0030
a belen 2507-S1-0046
a belen 2507-S1-0005
a belen 2507-S1-0053