In 2006 the organisers of Cruïlla de Cultures from Mataró (Barcelona) offered me the chance to become the official photographer of the festival. Since then I have been following musical events. I am the official photographer at various national festivals, to the extent that music has become one of the most important elements of my career and personal life.
This sample of pictures displays a selection of special moments and artists that have been before my camera in the last six years.

Suede, Festival, Music, Cruilla, Cruilla Barcelona, Masramon, Pere Masramon


Manu Chao, Music, Live concert, Pere Masramon, Cruilla de cultures

Manu Chao

Iggy Pop, Music, Pere Masramon, Cruilla, Barcelona, Rock and roll

Iggy Pop

Public Enemy, Pere Masramon, Cruïlla, Hip Hop, Rap, Music

Public Enemy

Calle 13, Rap, Music, Música, Hip Hop, latino, Pere Masramon, Cruilla

Calle 13

Pere Masramon, Music, Audience, people, Cruilla Mataro

Audience on Fire

Cypress Hill, Music, Pere Masramon, Cruilla Barcelona, hip hop, Rap

Cypress Hill

Ben-harper, Cruilla, pere masramon, Music, America

Ben Harper

Love of Lesbian, Cruilla Mataro, Pere Masramon, Music, Catalonia

Love of Lesbian

La Pegatina, Music, MMVV, Vic, Musica

La Pegatina

Delinquentes, Pere Masramon, Music, cruilla bcn

Los Delinqüentes

Audience, party, music, enjoy, on fire, pere masramon

Enjoying Music

Womex, pere masramon, music

Through Darbouka

Jarvis Cocker, music, Razzmatazz, pere masramon

Jarvis Cocker

Nasty Mondays, pere masramon, Cruilla 2013, Barcelona, photography

Nasty Mondays

la 2, Apolo, Barcelona, pere Masramon, musica

En La 2 del Apolo

Alien sex fiends, music, barcelona, kgb, dark, photo

Alien Sex Fiend

Daft Punk, Pere Masramon, Music, festival, photo

Daft Punk

Audience, dancing, pere masramon, darkness

Dancing in the darkness

Audience, music, barcelona, festival, pere masramon

Special Moments

Morcheeba, music, cruilla barcelona, pere masramon


FatBoy Slim, pere masramon, music, dj, barcelona, electro

Fatboy Slim

pere masramon, music people, love

Feeling high

Snoop Dog, cruilla, pere masramon, music , rap

Snoop Dog

Femi Kuti, barcelona, music, festival, cruilla, pere masramon

Femi Kuti

tiken-jah-fakoly, music, cruilla reggeae, barcelona

Tiken Jah Fakoly


Tongue Girl

El Bicho, pere masramon, music, cruilla, barcelona

El Bicho

Anoushka Shankar, music, love, energy, pere masramon

Anoushka Shankar

Manel, barcelona, música


electrica dharma, MMVV, Vic, música, Pere Masramon

Companyia Elèctrica Dharma

Artaica, vic, pere masramon, musica, MMVV


Miguel Poveda, Vic, MMVV, music,flamenco, cante

Miguel Poveda

Love of Lesbian, clap, cruilla, barcelona, mataro, pere masramon, música

Love of Lesbian

DJAARA, cruilla mataro, pere masramon, music,


Audience dancing, pere masramon

Having fun

audience, darkness, music festival, pere masramon
urban swing soundsystem, MMVV, Vic, Music, pere masramon

Urban Swing Soundsystem

MMVV, VIc, Musica, pere masramon, públic

God Save the Music

Gogol Bordelo, pere masramon, music, cruilla

Gogol Bordelo

Ebony Bones, music, cruilla barcelona, pere masramon

Ebony Bones

audience, music, pere masramon

Rock it

Tego Calderón, Cruilla, barcelona, música

Tego Calderón Mic

Gente, marea de gente, pere masramon, audience, blackness

The Dark Side of the People

yom, music, MMVV, Vic, pere masramon